Wanderlust encourages eco-friendly transportation such as biking, public transit, and rideshare. Bike parking is provided and the grounds are accessable via the SEPTA 17 busline. Should you choose to drive, please carpool and utilize the free event parking lots outlined here.

1) West side of 13th St. between Crescent and Intrepid
2) South side of Intrepid between 13th and Rouse Blvd.
3) 12th St. street between Normandy Pl. and Constitution Ave.
4) South side of Constitution between Broad St. and 12th St.
5) West side of 13th St. between Kitty Hawk and Flagship Ave.
6) North side of Kitty Hawk, East of League Island Blvd.

*Please note that there will be road closures from 9 - 10:30am for the 5k and parking may be challenging at these times.