There will be picnic lunches available for purchase online before the event! The picnic lunch is a Wanderbowl.

Wanderbowl: Visit Wanderbowl and expand your tastebuds. Wanderbowl is brown rice topped with black beans slowed cooked with onions and garlic topped with our own special sauce filled with spices, layered with white cheddar cheese, covered with mango lime cilantro salsa, finished with a dollop of sour cream and avocado. Or, try our vegan version sans cheese and sour cream. Hit up the hot sauce garden and top with your favorite splash of heat.

 There will also be a selection of local and organic food vendors on site and you may bring a picnic lunch or snacks if you’re so inclined.

Stop by the True North Cafe to grab a coffee or healthy snack.

We do ask that you’re respectful of consuming food during the yoga and meditation session.