Travelers Arriving From Abroad, Including the United States

When travelling to Canada, you'll want to make sure you have the proper travel documents for you and all members of your family travelling with you to prove you have the legal right to enter the country. Everyone from every country arriving in Canada by air, land and sea needs a passport or equivalent travel document. U.S citizens can use other valid travel documents such as a NEXUS Card, a U.S. Passeport Card or an Enhanced Driver’s License (EDL).

Travelers with Children

If you are travelling with children, you must carry required identification documents for each child under 18 years old.

Divorced parents who share custody of their children should carry copies of the legal custody documents. Adults who are not parents or guardians must have written permission from the parents or guardians to accompany the children. When travelling with a group of vehicles, parents or guardians should travel in the same vehicle as the children for border crossing.

Customs and Duty

Visitors are allowed to bring certain goods as part of their "personal baggage", but some products are limited (such as cigarettes and alcohol) and, in some cases, prohibited by Canada Customs.