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Disappointed with this years VT trip

Good things: Franti concert was a serious upgrade, chelsey konus had a really fun flow, and ragunath was on point with spiritual; MC yogi continues to nail it.  Happy there were t-shirts to buy etc. 

Bad things: I felt this year overall it was a little cheesy, the yoga was fun but was a "miss" as far as spiritual (outside of Ragunath)...I think maybe not having rod stryker hurt.  It was getting too political for my taste; I don't need reminders to hit the polls. 

My intent on attending wanderlust is to learn about healthy living including tools for building improved mindsets and habits.  I don't think I learned much this year or left any more inspired than before I came.  Last year, I left with a smile on my face and it continued for months to follow and I couldn't wait to share with people what an incredible experience I had; this year, I just can't say the same.  It's a shame.

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