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I have purchased 2 tickets for the Wanderlust festival April 30th in Santa Monica, Los Angeles but I did not receive any email confirmation from your third party vendor Eventbrite with any tickets attached. I need this issue resolved immediately!!!

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I am unable to access my Portland, Or schedule and tickets. Please call me 503/349-1781.

I purchased 4 tickets 2 for me and 2 for my daughter and there's a clear charge on my Amex for $118.00 on March 26 for the May 8th event, yet I've only received ONE (1) Ticket for $39, instead of 2x $39 AND 2x $20!


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I purchased 1 ticket for the Miami event on Oct 22 - the money was withdrawn from my account and NO TICKETS!! No email and I logged onto eventbrite and it said I had no events?? Please contact me immediately

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Hi I purchased one ticket to WANDERLUST MIAMI OCT 22 and never received a confirmation email and I can't find them here either! MY CREDIT CARD WAS CHARGED. HELP! 

Purchased tickets no confirmation
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